Hands-On Defib | Fluoroquinolone Dissection | Intussusception Dx | EMS Benzo Status Sz | Elder Abuse

It’s the JournalFeed Podcast for the week of Oct 19-23, 2020. We cover hands-on defibrillation, new info on fluoroquinolones and aortic dissection risk, diagnosing intussusception, EMS benzodiazepine use for status epilepticus, and how to spot elder abuse.

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Nicholas Zelt

The voice behind the mic! I'm an emergency medicine resident with a real nerdy love for podcasts and evidence based medicine. Joined the JournalFeed team way back in the before times (pre-COVID).
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Clay Smith

Hi! I've been practicing emergency medicine for over 20 years and started JournalFeed. I'm the Chief Spoon-Feeder, which means I either write or edit everything that's posted on the JournalFeed blog. But Nick totally runs the show with the podcast!